Meals & Sleep Time

Children eat in small groups to promote a social atmosphere and parents are welcome to join us at meal times. For babies, we follow individual routines where possible.

Allergies/dietary restrictions are carefully monitored.  Please provide written information to the Centre about your child’s allergy or restriction including reasons and reactions.

Morning/afternoon tea

Rainbow supplies morning and afternoon tea for all children, offering fruit/vegetables and/or prepared foods such as muffins, slice, sandwiches, crackers with Vegemite. Our menu is displayed in the foyer and near baby rooms for your perusal. Your suggestions are welcomed. Milk is served at morning tea and water is available to the children all day.


Lunch is not supplied and we ask that you pack a lunchbox for your child.

What to include: sandwiches, yoghurt, fruit, sultanas, salad, baked beans, last night’s leftovers (we will gladly heat them for you), water, wraps, cold meat and salad and noodle dishes.

What not to include: Chips, muesli bars, chocolates, lollies soft drink, cordial, Roll ups, Rice Bubbles Snacks as they are often high in fat, sugar or preservatives, nuts including peanuts. 

Please refer to our Nutrition Policy for more information.                                                          

Sleep time

The Wallaby Room offers preschool age children a rest each day.  Many children at the start of each year still require a sleep in this room.  All children are therefore required to rest on a bed while the children who need a sleep go to sleep.  The children who do not sleep are able to participate in quiet activities.  Later in the year, when fewer children are sleeping, the Wallaby room uses beds only for those children requiring a sleep.  The children rest and listen to stories before participating in quiet activities.

As a rule:

  • We will happily discuss with you any specific sleep requests for your child.
  • We will not make a child sleep against their wishes
  • Children who want to rest or sleep will be able to (we will not make a tired child stay awake)
  • We will let a child sleep for 1 hour (minimum 40 minutes) before waking the child if a reduced sleep is requested by families

The Sleep and Rest Policy is available from the office.