Getting Started

Each child will differ in their ability to cope with separation, some children settle quickly, others take a little longer—either is normal.  Before your child starts, visit Rainbow to familiarise yourselves with the Educators and Centre.  On the first day, stay as long as possible to settle your child into an activity or game or leave and return later in the day to spend time with your child. Each child is unique; even siblings differ in how they react to separation.  It is important that you warn your child you are leaving and then always say goodbye.  A “ritual” can help children to adapt to separation e.g. always wave from a particular window, or two big hugs and kisses.

What to bring:

  • Bag (big enough for art work)
  • Lunch and drink (babies’ bottles should be plastic not glass) clearly labelled and placed in fridge (more info about meal times)
  • Full set of spare clothes—underwear, socks, T shirt, shorts, jumper, track pants (more if toilet training )
  • Hat for all year round
  • Comforter if needed
  • Coats for winter
  • Sheets (cot size)

What not to bring:

  • Toys  - they can get lost, broken or stolen and be a source of competition among children. However a comforter for rest time is welcome.