Fees & Enrolment

Rainbow Fees

The cost to send your child to Rainbow is:

  • $90/day for 0-2 years

  • $88/day for 2-5 years.

Other fees to consider include:

  • Holding deposit - $120/family payable on enrolment and refunded when your child leaves the Centre (provided no fees/accounts are outstanding).

  • Equipment fee - $30/term/family to go toward purchasing equipment for the Centre throughout the year.

How to pay:

  • Fees are payable weekly in advance and are due on the first day of your child’s attendance each week. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS or authorised direct debit by the Administration Assistant.

  • Each family must read and sign a fees policy agreement which is an undertaking to keep their child’s fees up to date.

  • Please note: no money is kept on the premises and therefore change is unavailable (cash out is also unavailable when using EFTPOS). Please contact us to find out your child’s weekly fees.

Enrol at Rainbow

Guidelines for enrolment

The following guidelines for access to the Centre have been set down by the Department of Education and Communities, which is the major funding body:

  • Positions at the Centre are allocated on a needs basis to working parents, and to parents actively seeking employment and/or studying

  • Children of families with special needs have high priority access to any available childcare places

  • A waiting list is drawn up each year to accommodate those families unable to get a place straight away

  • Vacancies are offered in accordance with the Department’s access guidelines

  • Each year families are required to apply to re-enrol for the following year

  • The priority of access guidelines above are also followed when allocating places for re-enrolment

  • Families are required to advise the Centre of changes to their circumstances that may affect their priority at the Centre

  • Changes to their enrolment may be requested by the Coordinator during the year if a family no longer meets the priority guideline of working, studying or seeking work.